Wednesday, July 14, 2010

End of year Teacher and Staff Gift

Okay, so it really seems that I'm using all of my creativity on school things, which is fine, because by boys don't seem to appreciate that sort of stuff so much anymore - birthday party invitations that look like a bowling shirt or a pizza in a delivery box are more embarrassing now than ahhh-inspiring!  They're getting too macho for these sorts of things.

So, my dear compatriot Jenna, whom I have mentioned before here, and I came up with this little gift for all of our teachers and staff as an end of year gift.  Jenna is quite the poet, even though she doesn't "know it" (don't judge - I had to say that) and came up with this text for our gift:

"Working with kids takes a lot of guts,
they can really drive you NUTS!
But you were always extra sweet,
so please enjoy this little TREAT.

Well now the school year is done
and you're overwhelmed with pride,
put this last gift on your car,
and take it for a ride!

We put in the gift bag a package of chocolate covered almonds (the NUTS part!), and an individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treat (the TREAT part!) and one of those rub-on vinyl decals that has our school pawprint insignia and school name on it.  We're lucky enough to have a woman in my neighborhood who has a vinyl decal business!

We got all the almonds and treats from Costco, and Jenna and I spent a couple of hours one day dividing up almonds and treats (we didn't eat too many, I promise!!) and putting them in bags and tying them up with pawprinty ribbon.  I hope the teachers liked them!  They were presented on the last day of school, so we were OUTTA there, so we didn't see their reaction!

Hey, can you tell that our school colors are burgundy and gold?  We got a little theme-crazy...

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  1. Very nice! I too am the only girl in a house full of boys!


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